What is CrowdNerds?

Is crowdfunding for you?

With crowdfunding, you finance your company or a project by inviting the crowd - the broad masses - to financially support your company.

This is done via one of the following crowdfunding options:

  • Donation-based: Where the crowd donates money directly to a good cause without getting any in return.
  • Reward-based: Where the crowd supports by buying a predefined reward (the most well-known form in Denmark).
  • Loan-based: Where the crowd lends a company money at a fixed interest rate (very similar to a bank loan).
  • Stock-based: Where the crowd invests in a company to gain ownership.

At CrowdNerds, we specialize in reward-based crowdfunding (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Booomerang, Coop Crowdfunding, etc.).

We advise companies the use of crowdfunding as an alternative to traditional financing options, but also as a strategy to:

  • validate one's business idea
  • achieve sales before production
  • reach out worldwide
  • build a community

Reward-based crowdfunding is particularly relevant to those companies that have created an innovative, physical B2C product. With a prototype in place, such a company would be an obvious candidate for reward-based crowdfunding.

As a member of Startup Central, you receive a special discount of 25% on our crowdfunding consulting course, which includes:

  • 4 hours 1: 1 counseling
  • A launch plan for your campaign
  • A checklist of concrete steps to create a successful campaign
  • Help with platform selection and rewards

for an investment of 2,200 DKK + VAT. The money is quickly earned back on a successful campaign (where you simultaneously build an audience for your business).

This applies to advice connected to reward-based crowdfunding - just like the campaigns on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Coop Crowdfunding, Booomerang, etc.


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