Get a FREE and NO OBLIGATION offer from Wordline, which can ensure that you have the right payment solution and don't pay unnecessary fees.

With Bambora One, you can accept the most popular payment methods. All our payment terminals are future-proof and meet the highest security standards.

Bambora One:

3 months free terminal rental (from then on from DKK 149 per month)

(Stationary terminal DKK 149 / Wireless terminal DKK 199)

Tailored transaction fee for your business.

All in one package;

  • Payment terminal, gateway and redemption agreement, all in one place.
  • Clear pricing model; Reconcile the accounts quickly and easily.
  • Fast payout; Receive your money within 2 banking days.
  • One support – 6 days a week; You only have one contact for all your questions.


Online or Physical business? With Worldline you get everything you need to be able to accept payments in your business.

Worldline offers a comprehensive, secure payment solution at a clear price. Regardless of which solution you choose, the most used payment cards are supported.

Worldline provides you with modern and secure terminals that are ready to use. It has never been easier!


Worldline is a global leader in secure payments and trusted transactions.

We are at the forefront of the digital revolution that is creating new payment options, ways of living, business areas and building relationships that carry trust along the entire value chain, enabling ensure sustainable economic growth.

Our innovative solutions, which are firmly rooted in technology, are environmentally friendly, accessible and support social change.

As the largest European player in the payment market, we will now be able to innovate faster, offer more solutions, improve the quality of existing solutions and gather all skills and experience.

Although our identity changes, our priority will remain the same - to be your preferred payment partner.

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