I will help your food business continue from where it is today!

I help your food company continue from where it is today!

Throughout the last 18 years, I have worked with food at all levels, which means that I can help you and your company answer questions within food legislation, create strategies, optimize products and productions, so that an overview and profits are created, despite the industry being in the most challenging time for many years.

I offer my help on a consulting basis, where I can help you and your company to the extent that you need. I have extensive knowledge of the entire industry, so it will come naturally to me to help you with e.g. to review your purchasing agreements to ensure you have the best foundation for growth.

VækstPiloten helps you create an overview, profit and growth in your food business

Since 2021, I have worked to grow food companies, as there have not been so many challenges in that industry before. I have worked with both very small businesses to optimize their business and very large companies, where I have acted as, among other things, project manager on large development projects.

My heart lies in helping food companies create unforgettable products that are made and sold in a well-functioning organization.

By choosing VækstPiloten, you choose a consultant who thinks independently and does not let go of a task before it is solved 100 %.

I am very much looking forward to being able to help you and your company with growth.

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