What is Tryghedsmærket?

Tryghedsmærket is a service company that, through certification and cooperation with various industries and companies in Denmark, takes joint responsibility.

The certification is aimed at several industries in the Danish business community, where safety and security are in the consumer's focus. Our purpose is to increase quality assurance and thereby create trust between business owners and consumers.

With Tryghedsmærket's certification and widget, companies in Denmark have the opportunity to appear with a “blue stamp” and status that signals real credibility, as a safe and secure place to shop. Our purpose is to increase satisfaction and security with a focus on quality, thereby creating trust between companies and consumers.

What does Tryghedsmærket offer?

  • Certification and quality stamp of your web shop:
    New customers at your web shop will know that they are shopping at a secure and credible webshop that has undergone owner verification before certification.
  • A widget that creates security:
    The certification of the safety label ensures to the consumer that you are the real owners and that you comply with current guidelines for e-commerce.
  • Applicable terms and conditions:
    Terms and conditions that can be adapted to the webshop and used on your web page include a 30-day return policy.

With Shopify-Integration

  • Useful feedback from your customers:
    At Tryghedsmærket, you get an automated system for sending out emails that ask for feedback and recommendations directly from your own customers.

    This feedback differs from other rating tools by being elaborated through relevant questions to the consumer.
  • Dashboard and statistics:
    The customer's ratings can be read in a number score on your widget, which will be elaborated in your own Dashboard.

    If your customers do not answer the first email, we will send a follow-up email, via our campaign module where you get the opportunity to insert a discount code, which gives your customers the opportunity to give new feedback and create more revenue for you via any discount offer.

Assistance and case processing in disputes:

Should a dispute or disagreement arise, Tryghedsmærket is responsible for the dialogue between you and your customer.

When applying for certification, Tryghedsmærket will verify your company, recommend you approved commerce conditions and provide guidance in relation to the certification process.

Send an application email to dorthe@tryghedsmaerket.dk with the code at the top to take advantage of the offer.

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