Tailored advice and various templates

Whether you run a business or act as a private individual, it will be almost impossible not to come across legal issues during your life. It may be that you are facing a divorce or that your company wants guidance in a certain area or has ended up in a difficult dispute. Our templates for both private individuals and businesses have fixed prices, so you avoid unpleasant surprises - but at the same time get a product that meets your requirements. We accommadate each individual customer and together we find the best possible solution - which suits your particular company or your needs.

If you want tailored advice from professional competent lawyers, this is also possible. On our website you can see a wide range of business services, where we offer legal advice specifically for your company's needs. It may be that your company must have made company changes, e.g. in the form of changes to the articles of association or facing a merger. We have helped many entrepreneurs with e.g. establishing a company and the overall strategy going forward, so that companies are run as sustainably as possible. Competent advice can benefit both start-up companies or companies that are well established on the market.

Our lawyers work on a fixed hourly rate, which is much lower than if you were to hire a traditional lawyer. If the customer simply needs a single document or needs more in-depth advice, there is an option for both. We want to make the law as understandable as possible and meet all problems with a workable solution. With our online case processing, you always have the opportunity to form an overview of the case and follow how far it has progressed.

LegalHero's genesis

LegalHero was founded back in 2016 with the aim of providing legal advice in a new innovative way and with the desire to keep up with the digital age. The world is changing and makes greater demands on the transition. We want to keep up with this development, while at the same time holding the customers' hands in the legal universe - and with clear prices. Through this platform, we let the lawyers focus on being lawyers, so that we can give them the best possible starting point, without worrying about the administrative and technical aspects. We believe in freedom to choose one's tasks and structuring one's own time is the way forward to a good working environment and satisfied customers.

We want to build our products and offers on fairness and loyalty, so that we deliver the best services in an area that is complicated for many. We hold our customers' hands all the way and help them answer any relevant questions that may arise.

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