What is DataPeeps?

Specialists in business data.

DataPeeps is a Danish company that specializes in collecting, processing and distributing company data. We can find all the company data that may be relevant from addresses, contact information, owners, board of directors, accounting information, advertising protection and much more.

Data is a valuable tool for generating sales leads, marketing campaigns and for maintaining customer databases as well as compliance with GDPR and KYC regulations.

In addition to the mentioned "Startup"-product, DataPeeps also offers a number of other data products that can be tailored to an individual need.

What does DataPeeps offer?

Full lead collection of new companies in Denmark for members of Startup Central.

As a subscriber to DataPeeps and Startup Central, you will receive an overview of all newly established companies in Denmark (which do not have advertising protection) every single day and you’ll be among the first to get to know their information. An obvious opportunity to establish contact with new companies, build a relationship and potentially make some of your own sales.

The startup product contains the following company data:

  • CVR number
  • Name of company
  • Phone number
  • Address and postcode
  • Company form etc.

For Startup Central members, the product costs DDK 499/month.

How to use the product

Every day you get an overview from DataPeeps of all new companies in Denmark - approx. 70 a day.

The overview is delivered as a csv file, where the company name is in the first column, company address in the 2nd column, postcode in the 3rd column, telephone number in the 5th column, industry code and CVR numbers, etc. in the following columns.

This way, you can easily create an overview and sort in the companies by, for example, industry, postcode, etc.

The csv file is located in a Google Drive, which you can access and therefore can always access, no matter where you are. Every morning, an updated file is placed on your drive, no later than 10 o’clock (CEST time), so you have access to the latest start-ups.

We should note that in cases where no telephone number or e-mail address is registered at the company, these fields will remain blank.

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