Turn your webshop into an app and increase revenue from returning customers

Do you run a webshop - and would you like more of your customers to shop with you again and again? With an app for Android and iOS, you can increase revenue by turning your good customers into loyal fans.

Until now, apps have been reserved for the very big brands, with budgets in the millions and their own development teams. With BravoShop, you can easily, quickly and cheaply transform your webshop into a well-functioning and user-friendly mobile app for both Android and iOS. It all runs on a monthly subscription, with no set-up or transaction fees.

The basic subscription is $99 per month - and as a member of Startup Central you get a 20% discount.

BravoShop currently only integrates with Shopify - but please contact us if you use another shop system. We are always happy to hear from interested webshop owners - it helps us to prioritize our next integration!

Advantages of an app from BravoShop:

  • Apps generally experience 2-3 times the conversion rate of a mobile-friendly website
  • Generate immediate revenue with push notifications
  • Reward your best customers with offers that can only be used in the app
  • Get free help setting up and designing your app from our app designers
  • Products, categories, customers and orders are synchronized directly with your shop system
  • BravoShop is subscription-based - no setup or transaction fees
  • Get a one-month free trial

Easy setup with full design freedom

App design sounds like a big task - but it doesn't have to be. With BravoShop's intuitive drag-and-drop mobile builder, you can design your very own app without having to hire a designer or a developer. Use our beautiful blocks to create a design that matches your brand.

From BravoShop's platform, you can also send push notifications directly to your customers. This can be, for example, when you add new items or when you have a special offer. You can send as many push notifications as you want - absolutely free as part of your subscription.

Push notifications can also be automated as part of automated “push

The idea behind BravoShop and our core values

The idea for BravoShop arose in mid-2022, after many years of freelance app development where Lukas Gjetting, founder of BravoShop, received inquiries from Danish webshops who were interested in developing an app. However, the cost of developing an app from scratch that would work for both iPhone and Android was not within their budget. The app plans therefore had to be postponed.

Lukas decided that there had to be a better, and more cost effective, way to do it. He put on his soundproof headphones and dived into the code. After 4 months of development, he was ready with a prototype for the first shops. That prototype has today become the BravoShop platform, where webshop owners can create and design the app themselves.

BravoShop is still a relatively young product, and development is therefore fast. Our core values ​​are the customer in focus and rapid iteration. From a customer proposing a new function to its being ready, it often takes no more than a few days.

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