Exclusive bouquets adapted to your interior and plant solutions that make an impression.

- A choice with consideration for the environment

We tie exclusive seasonal bouquets, to the reception and the meeting room. The bouquet is changed monthly, delivered free of charge, including vase.

We also make durable true-to-nature plant solutions which are changed annually to create novelty value and new energy. No sprinkles, no withered leaves always beautiful flowers and plants.

Should your company always appear inviting and ready, even to the unexpected guests… and are you tired of time-consuming conversations about changing plants that look tiring, or are you annoyed that the weekly bouquet, already on day 2, looks half withered?

Then a collaboration with Anthon & Katrine is just right for you. We provide a worry-free flower and plant service for your business.

True-to-nature flowers are also called artificial and silk flowers. We call them true to nature because ours confusingly resembles fresh flowers. The durability is just far better.

For floral artists like us, the quality of our product is crucial. That is why we make a great effort to choose the very best quality flowers and plants that we can find in the market.

We tie our exclusive true-to-life flowers to beautiful seasonal bouquets with the very special Anthon & Katrine look ... in exactly the color and size that suits your premises.

They are always razor sharp, you get rid of sprinkles and smelly water. No allergy genes.

The flowers are changed monthly, delivered free of charge and with a vase that matches your interior.

Our bouquets are similar to flowers from the garden, moreover, it is a price-conscious solution for your business, and then they are far better for the environment.

We have a huge selection of true-to-life flowers that match all seasons, and we have plants in all sizes and expressions, from hanging plants, moss walls to plant globes and potted plants.

Good reasons to also choose true-to-life plants

  • They are extremely true to nature and look like fresh green plants
  • They can stand anywhere. They can withstand heat, cold and darkness
  • You get rid of sprinkles, withered leaves and brown tips
  • They do not need to be watered. They are always beautiful, even after the holiday season
  • They are mounted in sustainable and impact-resistant pots
  • It is a sustainable choice

We visit your company and get an overview of your needs and how we can best decorate your company with green plants.

We select plants, mount them in pots and line them up. It is a craft in itself to model the plants so that they look lifelike, full-bodied and vibrant.

We can also take care of the maintenance of the plants.

Every year we replace the plants with new types of green plants, so we renew the expression in your company.

Environmentally friendly flowers and plants

Anthon & Katrine is a family business that takes pride in tying beautiful bouquets and decorating spaces with lifelike plants. Flowers and plants have always been a part of our lives, and today we work exclusively with lifelike flowers and plants because it is a far more sustainable choice.

As floral artists, we can, through our craft, create beautiful and durable flower bouquets and plant solutions for companies - with a clear conscience.

As floral artists, we can and will not do without a beautiful bouquet of flowers, but we do not care how much a bouquet of ordinary cut flowers pollutes. With true-to-life flowers, we can still enjoy a beautiful bouquet, and at the same time have the least possible impact on the environment.

Anthon & Katrine want to do away with the use-and-throw-away culture. Therefore, our concept is based on a circular mindset, where recycling and extending the life of the flowers and plants is constantly in focus.

This saves the environment large amounts of CO2 emissions, pesticide exposure and an enormous consumption of expensive water resources.

It is important for us to contribute to a greener future and enable other companies to do the same.

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