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What is included in my membership?

Included in the membership is full access to our network and platform. This means that you can spar with our coaches, connect with other entrepreneurs who also are members, use our business deals and access all the entrepreneurial knowledge we have on the site.

How does the coaching and sparring work In Startup Central?

You get unlimited sparring with coaches as a member. This means that they can coach you, but they do not do the job for you, they tell you how to do it.

All our coaches are volunteers, they have up to 5 working days to replay – and they no not have advisory responsibility.

How much is a membership of Startup Central?

We have 2 different solutions

Our membership costs DKK 149 / month excl. VAT with a prepayment of 12 months.

We also offer a Basic membership without expenses. Free download of the app on iOS and Android.

Read more her – prices.

Other questions

How much is a membership of Startup Central?

We have 2 different solutions

Our membership costs DKK 149 / month excl. VAT with a prepayment of 12 months.

We also have a Basic membership, it is free to download our app and it cost no expense to use it.

Read more her – prices.

How do I terminate my membership and what should I consider?

To terminate your membership, you must send an email to – there is some things you have to consider when you decide to terminate your membership.

Please be aware that by using certain offers from our business partners, you have a commitment which may be longer, as you have committed yourself to a longer membership by using a time-limited offer from a partner. That is that if you cancel your membership with Startup Central, you will lose your offer with the business partners you have through us.

If you use the deal from our partner e-conomic, which consist of 4 month free use of their accounting program, and you terminate your membership before the 4 month, the deal will no longer be valid.

Your membership is renewed 1 month before expiry.

By terminating your membership:

  • you will be remoted from Startup Lounge Facebook
  • You will no longer have access to our coaches
  • your deals will no longer be valid, you will have to pay full price for them.
  • You will no longer have access to tools

You can read more about this in our user terms.

Remember that you can continue to be part of our online network Startup Lounge at no cost. Download on App Store and Play Store.

What is included in my membership?

With a membership you get access to our entire network and all that it entails. This means that you get access to our platform, our coaches and our offers from partners, this is if you choose a paying membership.

If you choose a Basic membership, you get access to our online network Startup Lounge.

Is my data confidential?

Yes of course. All of our coaches, partners and staff have completed confidentiality statements, which is your guarantee that we comply with all applicable rules.

What is Startup Lounge?

Startup Lounge is our exclusive network. You can get sparring and advice from other entrepreneurs, businessmen and people with an interest in entrepreneurship. There is a big focus in knowledge sharing – which helps you on your entrepreneurial journey.

You have the opportunity to advertise a little for your company and meet potential partners and customers.

The team og Startup Central know the entrepreneurs’ and coaches’ qualifications, therefore, they will be able to put you in contact with the relevant people.

Read more about Startup Lounge.

You can access the Startup Lounge free of charge, download the Startup Central app for free on the App Store or Play Store.

Are all the membership advantages automatically activated when I become a member?

You must actively make use of the services and programs on our partner site.

That way, you only make use of the services and programs that create value and are relevant to your business.

With a Basic membership, you cannot make use of partner agreements.

What happens to my deals with the partners if I terminate my membership?

If you terminate you membership at Startup Central, you will terminate all your benefits, including your discounts with our partners.

You only have special offers, discounts and trial periods with our partners as long as you are a member of Startup Central. This is subordinate to the binding period from the offer at the partner.

Read more in our Terms and conditions

Is there a limit to how much I can use the coaches?

You can use our coaches as much as you need. You have unlimited 1:1 sparring with every single coach, and you can make use of all the coaches you need.

Can I use more than one coach at the same time?

Yes. It is entirely up to you how many coaches you want to make use of. We recommend that you contact one coach at a time, as this will give you a closer collaboration with the coach.

Is it cheaper if I don’t use all my membership advantages?

The price is fixed, whether you use many or few of our benefits.

However, we recommend that you use as many relevant benefits as possible, that way you get the most out of your membership.

Does Startup Central have an app?

Yes, You can download it on App Store and Play Store. It is free to download.

Is it possible to write the business plan in English?

Yes, it is possible.

What does Startup Centrals terms of use say?

You are more than welcome to read our user terms, you will find it in the bottom of the website.

What does Startup Centrals privacy policy say?

You are more than welcome to read our privacy statement, you will find it in the bottom of the website.

Do the coaches of Startup Central have advisory responsibility?

No. They help you with, e.g., providing input to your idea that you may not even considered or advice you what to do in a specific situation. You will get the answers to the questions that you can not find online etc.

Do the coaches of Startup Central do my job?

No. They help you along the way with your entrepreneurial journey. This means that if you need to take an active action in your company, it is in addition to the coaches and sparring they offer.

For example: If you have made an ownership agreement and you ask one of our coaches for legal experience or fill it out, then it is an active action you request and it is not part of your membership, however, our coaches will make you aware of this and you can agree on a arrangement, but Startup Central will take no part in this.

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