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Eindom invites to an information meeting and networking in an informal and international format, where gives a presentation on the new tenancy law Good energy and digitalisation go hand in hand, together with MobilePay, Visma and Lars Horsbøl from Resights will be tonight's conference.

Hos B!ngs – Vesterbrogade 149, 1620 København


What is SEO | Startup Central


What is SEO

- We start from scratch An introduction to the concept, to Google and to why it really is as important as all the 'experts' say. SEO is explained with good stories, good examples and good energy, and a hope that you leave here with a feeling that you can do well. That you know where to start and that you know what it means to search engine optimize.

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Super Dysten NOVA | CoolUnite | Startup Central


Super Dysten NOVA | CoolUnite

Startup Central is one of the participants in Super Dysten. We raise money for CoolUnite. Alle the money goes unlimited to sick and vulnerable children. Support a good cause MobilePay 554559. Thank you for your support.


GEW 2021 | Friday bar | Startup Central


GEW 2021 | Friday bar

Come to a Friday bar you’ll never forget! The self-employed need a break every now and then, which is why we invite all the self-employed and people with entrepreneurial interests within the core of the entrepreneurial environment – Startup Central’s headquarters.

Søndergade 49, 8700 Horsens


GEW 2021 | Sustainability for entrepreneurs | Startup Central


GEW 2021 | Sustainability for entrepreneurs

An English event In collaboration with Denmark for Målene, we are throwing an event at VIA University College in Horsens. For the event, the focus is sustainability and entrepreneurship. Come and listen to amazing entrepreneurs who have managed to combine these two.

Banegårdsgade 4, 8700 Horsens


Entrepreneur talks | Startup Central


Entrepreneur talks

An event in Danish Fransons and Startup central invite you to entrepreneur talks. Exciting entrepreneurs will present their business and how they entered entrepreneurial life.

Pantheonsgade 4 st. 5000 Odense C


How to start a webshop | Startup Central


How to start a webshop

An event in Danish Morten S. Graversen, CEO of throws a webinar where he gives you tips and guidelines for creating your own webshop.

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Listing of growth companies | Startup Central


Listing of growth companies

A webinar in Danish. Katrine Hoff, Head of Danish Market – Spotlight Stock Market will in this webinar talk about listing of growth companies on the Danish market. She will discuss the benefits and considerations there is went listing ones company. Watch or rewatch the webinar under vlog.

Startup Lounge


How to become an entrepreneur | Startup Central


How to become an entrepreneur

Are you an entrepreneur / self-employed, or do you want to become one? Startup Central CEO, Anders Fogh, gives a lecture on entrepreneurship and how to easily start a business.

Pantheonsgade 4, st 5000 Odense C


Ilse Jacobsen – My life as an entrepreneur | Startup Central


Ilse Jacobsen – My life as an entrepreneur

Get an insight into Ilse Jacobsen’s entrepreneurial journey – from a small road stall to a recognized entrepreneur.


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