Entrepreneurial sparring

Sparring is an important part of running a business. For the most part you do not have all the answers yourself, so sparring with specialists is a great help.

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Get entrepreneurial sparring

When you start and run your business there are many questions and doubts that arise. You can get sprraing through your own network, but it is not always enough. Since there are many different areas to cover when running a business. Therefore, you may have the need to seek professional sparring elsewhere.

As a member of Startup Central, you get good tips as an entrepreneur, our coaches can help you with all the knowledge within your industry.

As a freelancer, sparring is invaluable. You can never have enough sparring, as you can never learn enough.

Free entrepreneurial sparring

As a member of Startup Central, you can get free sparring with more than 65 coaches. You can send messages to our coaches through the platform, they will respond to your inquiry within five working days but will typically respond within two.

Our coaches provide personal 1:1 sparring through the platform, but several of our coaches are willing to interact in a more personal approach – such as personal meetings, video and phone calls. This is up to the individual coaches and what you agree on together.

It can very quickly become expensive to buy into coaching and sparring. Depending on qualifications, an hour with a coach can easily cost DKK 2.000. Whether you have a newly started or a n established company, DKK 2.000 / hour is a lot of money. Money that could have been used elsewhere in the company.

Our coach team

Our coaches consist of both new and experiences businesspeople, who have extensive knowledge in their fields.

Several of our coaches run their own business and therefore know you needs and concerns. Others have positions within the industry in which they offer sparring, some even hold management positions in larger companies, such as Ørsted, BDO, team.blue and many more. They have the latest knowledge within their field.

What all coaches have in common is that they are ready to help you with everything you need.

We experience that most self-employed and entrepreneurs seek help in areas such as:

  • Law – GDPR, terms of trade, privacy policy, contracts
  • Marketing – SEO, advertising, SoMe, email
  • Sales – sales strategy, mindset, leads
  • Logistics – import, export, drop shipping
  • Business – development, management, strategy
  • Finances – VAT, tax, annual statement

This is how our coaching works

Through the platform you can send a message to the coach you are seeking sparring with. From there, our coach has five working days to answer you.

The mentality of helping

All our coaches are volunteers because we believe that by helping others with their entrepreneurial dream, we are doing a different in the growth of Denmark and by doing so creating better conditions for the self-employed and entrepreneurs.

Great knowledge within their industry

Our coaches are either self-employed or have positions in the field they offer sparring. Therefore, they have the latest knowledge in their field.

Free sparring

There is no limit to how many coaches you can spare with or how many questions you are allowed to ask. As a member of Startup Central you get unlimited sparring with all the coaches you need.

Active work from a coach is not included in the membership

Coaching and sparring do not include active actions. This means that you can get the help on how you handle your question, but you can not get the coach to actually do the work for you. You get sparring about your specific case, but the execution of the case is not part of the membership.

  • The individual coaches can therefore charge a fee if they have to do the work themselves. However, some offers a discount to do the job for you, as you are a member of Startup Central.

Apply to become a coach

Do you want to become a coach with us?

If you have a unique knowledge in your field of work, that you really want to help others with, contact us: 29290113 or kontakt@startupcentral.dk