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Effective entrepreneurial network

If you are walking around with a dream of becoming an entrepreneur, or if you already have an established business, you know how important it is to have an effective network. At Startup Central, we have an exclusive online network with experienced business-savvy people called Startup Lounge; this network can help you with all the challenges that come with running a business.

An effective entrepreneurial network is important to have as a self-employed person, as you can get a lot of help through this.

Get an effective network of entrepreneurs

Many entrepreneurs point to the same challenge; they feel that they are lacking a relevant entrepreneurial network, or that their existing network is too small.

When you start as an entrepreneur, it is not necessarily within the same branch that you have occupied yourself with previously. This means that the network you have previously found yourself in is no longer enough. It does not cover the new needs you have gotten after starting a new business in a different branch. There is no doubt that your current network would love to help, but it often does not have the necessary knowledge.

When you would like to build an effective network, you can consider the following aspects.

Consider what it is you are missing in your existing entrepreneurial network

  • Professional sparring?
  • Sales network?
  • A network that you can use as a form of colleagues?
  • A network, where you can get a quick tip?

Consider what networks are important to you and your business

  • Online forums and blogs
  • Online networking services
  • Trade association
  • Professional networking group
  • Social networking group
  • Relevant events, conferences and courses
  • Professional networks

Visit the network
Spend a bit of time on researching the network before you start seriously using it. There are many different networks out there, and it is important that you find yourself in the right one. You can quickly end up joining a network that seems relevant to you on the surface, but in the end turns out to not give you the value you need.

There are several networks where you can follow along as a guest; spend a bit of time here to figure out if it is relevant to you. This way you save a lot of time and money by not finding yourself in the wrong network.

In an online network, you can observe how the other members interact and judge how this interaction creates value for you. Present yourself and your company in the network so the other members can get to know you. This way, they can guide you in the best way as well.

A couple of bonus tips when networking:

  • Be open, optimistic, and have a positive attitude.
  • Remember that everyone you meet on your way can be a potential client or can lead you to your next client.
  • Help others – it comes back tenfold.
  • You are what you do – everything you do gets identified with your business.

What is an efficient entrepreneurial network?

An efficient entrepreneurial network is a network which creates value for you and your business. Therefore, it is important that you are aware of what makes your network special.

A sales network is essential to you who knows everything there is to know about running a business but would like to boost your sales. However, if you dream of becoming an entrepreneur, but do not know where to start, a network with seasoned entrepreneurs to spar with is essential to you.

At one point in their lives, all seasoned entrepreneurs have had the same challenges as you. Therefore, they recognize your concerns and are ready to help you with some good advice.

Why is an entrepreneurial network important?

There are several reasons why an entrepreneurial network is important.

  • Connection to clients, partners and investors.
  • Good tips and sparring.
  • Share knowledge.
  • Avoid mistakes that others have made.
  • Be a part of growing Denmark.

It is not necessarily a must for you to work hard to build up a network, but you do have to remember the people you meet, see opportunity in people, and choose your partners with care. If you have these things in mind, it will be quick and easy for you to build up your own entrepreneurial network which creates the most value for you.

Digital entrepreneurial network

A digital entrepreneurial network is an advantage for you who is starting a company. At a digital network you have all your connections right on hand.

A physical entrepreneurial network takes a long time to create and sustain both for you and your relations. This time could be spent on other parts of your business. A digital network, on the other hand, can quickly give you a good tip and some quick advice.

There are many different entrepreneurial networks out there, so be sure to consider which gives the most value to you and your business.

As a member of Startup Central, you get access to an exclusive network of seasoned entrepreneurs. Here, you can receive sparring about everything you need to know to start and run a company.

Yiu can download the network on iOS and Android for free and sign up without credit card.

Startup Lounge

Startup Lounge is an online meeting place for self-employed, entrepreneurs, business owners and people with a general interest in business.

The purpose is to give and receive counselling by sharing experiences and knowledge about entrepreneurship and business operations. As a member of the entrepreneurial network, Startup Lounge, you become a part of an already established network, which has given value to many entrepreneurs in different branches before you.

In this exclusive online network group, there are no stupid questions. We at Startup Central will be active in the group, ensuring that our many coaches are connected to you. You can expect that you will learn about the newest development in the entrepreneurial branch, events and other relevant information for entrepreneurs, as the primary focus is on sharing knowledge.

Read more about Startup Lounge here.

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