What can I help with?

As a lawyer, I can help you with legal considerations and issues within my field. It's everything in:

  • employment law and directorship,
  • contracting,
  • terms and conditions,
  • consulting / freelance contracts,
  • marketing law and personal data law (GDPR).

As a trained mentor, I offer interviews where we together find practical solutions to your challenges.

We open up new perspectives and opportunities and explores how you can act and make a good choice for you. You may need mentoring about start-up / entrepreneurship, opting out of the ordinary career job, identity crisis, conflict management, leadership - by yourself and by others, negotiation, mindset etc.

My profile

My biggest passion is conversations with other people, because I experience great joy in being able to help and make a difference through conversation. After the family followed my husband's job to Dubai, I have cultivated my passions in my own way and started as an independent legal advisor and mentor, where I combine my skills, personality and knowledge.

I am a trained lawyer and have 5+ years experience as a lawyer, most recently at one of Denmark's largest law firms. As a lawyer / legal advisor, I am trained to familiarize myself with widely different industries and commercial conditions as well as create holistic solutions, where decisions are made on strategy, tactics, etc.

August 2022 I obtain certification as a life and knowledge mentor - ie documentation for my professional mentor foundation that includes 200 hours of practice experience. The education is rooted in research and evidence-based theory within mentoring, including guidance and learning theory, psychology and mindset as well as coaching theories in a systemic context.

With me, conversations take place online, but always informally and you are met exactly where you are.

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