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What can I help with?

I can help you go from idea to product, and further on to build a profitable business. I have experience from various startups, where I have contributed to the development and execution of digital solutions.

I will help you with everything from ideas to mockups, business development, development and operations. I have experience in the entire range of development tasks, from my background in project management and execution of projects of all sizes. I approach everything with structure, and I will support you well.

My profile

I originally started as a freelancer, where I developed apps and other digital solutions as well as providing hosting and security solutions. Back in early 2021, I teamed up with web agency Viral Media. Today, I am still a partner in Viral Hosting. Furthermore, I advise companies on the development of their startups and tech platforms, apps and similar from my own consulting company.

Together with Viral Media, I work on developing major projects such as webshops, web- and SaaS-platforms. In addition, I work closely with developers both in-house, on-shore with freelancers and off-shore with some of our outsourcing teams.

Therefore, I can offer a wide network and access to extensive resources, which I can utilize both in my daily work, but also in connection with assisting you on your startup journey.