What can I help with?

I have extensive experience in agile IT development, and have worked extensively in:

  • MVP – minimum viable product
  • Lean Startup
  • Design thinking

And will be able to help in the process from idea /concept to finished IT platform or product.

I have a master’s degree in sales, marketing and branding and I take interest in business optimization and processes.

With 12 years as a management consultant and leader in IT and finance, I have been through many different scenarios, and will be able to be a good independent sparring partner.

I have a strong focus on progress and will be able to help you make a budget and execution plan, as well as breaking it down into manageable milestones.

My profile

I have many years of experience in the spectrum between IT and business and take great interest in helping smaller companies – for example through coaching and advisory.

Today, I am the responsible Product manager at a major Net and Mobile Bank, that is delivered as a SaaS solution to many banks in Denmark.

Through my job and family, I have been very close to the startup environment most of my life, and have raised in a world where innovation and development in IT has been a part of the everyday life.

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