What can I help with?

Do you have a handle over your taxes?

Do you have to pay advance tax? What deduction options do you have? Are you going to start a company or run it at your own personal expense?

The tax aspect will raise many big questions for entrepreneurs like you. Therefore, I am always ready with advice or to help you with tax sparring that helps your company to take off safely, powerfully from the launch pad.

A little about me and my professional background

My name is Martin W. B. Kristensen, and I work as a manager in the consulting and auditing company BDO's tax department. Here I provide advice on taxes and company law for commercial business owners with a focus on corporation tax, ownership structure, restructuring and generational change, among other things.

I hold a master’s degree in Law from Aarhus University, and before I went into the consulting industry, I worked for four years at the Skattestyrelsen (Danish Tax Agency). Furthermore, I work as an external associate professor at Aalborg University, where I teach future tax advisors, and at the moment I am pursuing a masters in taxes from CBS.

My profile

Contact me if you need sparring for:

  • Common tax law issues in relation to deduction options, depreciation, etc.
  • Start-up of business, ownership/holding structure and choice of company form: Which form is most advantageous for you? Personally owned (I/S, VSO etc.)? Or as a company (ApS, A/S)?
  • Tax conditions when there are several of you who want to start/enter a business together.
  • Share pay schemes for company employees.
  • Are you self-employed or a fee recipient?

You are very welcome to contact me if you have a tax-related question of other nature. It can happen that I might be able to find the answer to it, even if it is not mentioned as a competency of mine in the description above.

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