What can I help with?

I run Food Consult Nordic as a consultant and teach everything from review to execution.


  • food nerd,
  • smiley expert,
  • concept developer and with an eye for detail.

I can therefore help you with self-control, budget and much more in the food industry. In addition, I can help you identify what it takes to make your food joint even better. I take pride in helping you so that you get all the best prerequisites and the best possible conditions.

My profile

With a background as a chef and dairy technologist as well as a few years in the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, I have an in-depth experience that allows me to spot where the challenges lie when I set foot in your company.

A combination of hands-on kitchen knowledge at the highest level and expert knowledge in the field of hygiene in industrial kitchens and production companies would best describe my background.

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