What can I help with?

I can help you with optimizing interactions between production, logistics and digital communication among all parts of the company.

I have been working in production and logistics since I started my engineering education in 1990. Global companies have benefited from my experience in starting up productions, planning all the functions around them and introducing the best ERP-solution* to manage it all.

Today I am a senior consultant at Dansk Produktions Univers. We specialize in helping smaller manufacturing companies. They often turn to us with a few years of active production.

When I am with you on the sidelines of the production planning process, you can avoid making many of the typical mistakes that occur in the early years of an active production company.

I am happy to offer valuable knowledge, whether you need support with production and inventory management either as a small business or a scale up across several continents.

*ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) are IT systems that can manage everything in the company. These are functions such as finance, order management, purchasing, warehousing, production, customer management and much more.