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What can I help with?

I help entrepreneurs create a solid strategic starting point for working with customers, sales and marketing. Together, we set the direction and framework for your company's commercial work. I can help you to determine your company's customer process, i.e., how you work with customers before, during and after a sale. Furthermore, I’m here to help you discuss which commercial activities can create value for your particular company.

Additionally, I will help you find out how you ought to execute the activities.

It’s my experience that commercial results are created more by the mindset than big budgets, that’s why my advice is strategically based but practically oriented.

My profile

For more than 25 years I have worked with creating growth and development in large and small companies both as a manager, consultant and entrepreneur. My experience shows that one of the biggest barriers to creating development and growth is our approach to working with customers, sales and marketing. There is often a lack of strategic direction, customer focus, processes and execution power. The consequence is that we are not able to realize the commercial potential of the company. It puts a costly pressure directly on the bottom line.

  • My advice is based on 20 years of experience as a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) in Finance and IT.
  • I have experience as an independent management consultant - and professional training in both strategy and practical implementations, as an entrepreneur at a tech startup in social gaming.
  • I have obtained an MSc in Economics and Business Administration and an IAA Diploma.