What can I help with?

Let me guess… You are here because you are self-employed or a freelancer and need texts that do not makes your customers go to sleep.

Instead, you want them to hang out, buy what you want over the counter, and tell all their friends about you. This is where I come into the picture.

My name is Karina, I am a copywriter (in Danish: salgstekstforfatter), and my company is called Tekstuel.

Unlike many other copywriters, I only focus on ONE thing:

Words that convert.

And because I only have that focus, I can write texts that make people book a conversation, click the BUY button and say yes to what you sell in your emails.

My profile

I guess.

Just kidding… the answer is CUSTOMER RESEARCH and a large portion of KNOWLEDGE about what makes people say YES to what you offer.

Was that a disappointing answer, then I'm sorry. Contrary to popular belief, copywriting is very little about being creative. For guess what… it is not word magic or linguistic magic that makes your customers swing the credit card.

80 % of my work is dedicated to research, data collection, frameworks, techniques, psychology and strategy (no matter how differcult it sounds). Only the 20 % go to genius tricks and other creative inventions.

But with the risk of making you fall asleep, let's get to the point:

Do you need sparring, a few quick tips or good advice? Then send me a message and I will get back to you within 5 business days.

OBS! I do not give sparring on content (blog posts, articles and posts on social media).

Bonus info: When I'm not sitting at the keyboard, I run around after my little son (who thinks lawn mowers and vacuum cleaners are the coolest thing in the world), geeks share and drink coffee. I have a master's degree in media studies and lives in Aarhus.