What can I help with?

My name is Jakob, and I am the founder of Ugli Fruit Podcasting.

Why should you start your own podcast as an entrepreneur? Podcasting is excellent content on top op of that you get the opportunity to network and build a relationship with the great inspirations from your industry.

I've spent 1000+ hours studying, researching and really nerding down in the podcast medium. I will use the knowledge, experience and know-how to help and advise companies to produce their own show. I can help make the process manageable and make sure your podcast differs from the others on the market. Because there are many questions that can come up when starting your own podcast.


  • ... do you go from idea to concept?
  • ... can you choose the right equipment?
  • ... are you the perfect host and perform engaging interviews?
  • ... do you distribute and market your podcast?