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What can I help with?

I can spar with you on the subjects of digital marketing, including:

  • E-commerce,
  • Conversion rates,
  • Strategies,
  • Behavioral Psychology,
  • Social Media,
  • Content,
  • Lead generation,
  • Email marketing,
  • Gamification,
  • Leadspin etc.

Often it is not the individual discipline that determines your success, but the interaction between them (focus + strategy).

My profile

I have a rather special background, when you think about where I am today. I see it as a gift that I was originally a graphic designer, then business intelligence consultant (numbers-nerd), where I eventually found how to bring the best of the two worlds together and more or less become self-taught in digital marketing.

I’ve had digital responsibility in large million-crown businesses, which gave me significant and useful experience.

I have worked both in agencies, on the customer side, in small companies and in billion-crown groups with private equity funds and pension funds behind them.

More precisely, I have grown half-sized million-crown businesses into huge million-crown businesses - on the same budget. Only due to strategic changes and optimizations.

Today, I am the Digital Marketing Manager, while also being the co-founder of the marketing platform Leadspin, which helps companies gather leads and increase sales.

I am very passionate about - and nerd a lot with - behavioral psychology. What triggers customers' brains to act the way we want it to. It is both scientific, nerdy and effective.