What can I help with?

  • Digitization of proerty administration for private landlords, associations and professional accountants and administrations.
  • Setting up property data with all the relevant formal requirements (eg. leases, moving inspections, etc.)
  • Growth and sparring in relation to audition with an industry-specific starting point.
  • Personal sparring in relation to entrepreneurship in an analog industry, (property administration, etc.)
  • Personal sparring in relation to entrepreneurship in Denmark and Germany.

My profile

I have 12-year entrepreneurial experience in confrontations with the conservative real estate industry.

I’ve built Vinterservice, which is scaled to the German market, and Nelma Ejendomsadministration, which offers complete service and operation of properties, for recognized players in the industry.

Now, I’m on a mission to digitize the market with digital administration of property development through my platform EINDOM.