What can I help with?

I have experience in management and with strategic board work BUT I can also help you to:

  • prepare your business plan,
  • discuss your budget and comment on a contract to buy, sell or for confidentiality,

I have worked with purchasing and logistics in Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia and thus, I can offer my knowledge of these cultures.

Payment terms, quality control and shipping can cost a lot of money if done wrong, so let me help you do it right.

Technical knowledge and experience in the processing of metals, furniture, electronics and building materials for many different products are offered - probably also for your product. I love new challenges.

My profile

I am an educated civil engineer holding an HD degree. I have used this knowledge when working with many different start-ups for more than 5 years now.

My strength is in physical products (not apps etc.) and I am good at advising on how to produce products the cheapest way - both if you have to make 5 a month or 1000 a week. I have great knowledge of and an interest in safety and the environment, so we can talk about that too.

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