What can I help with?

Within the last 11 years, I have moved from development to technical management on product development projects, to technical product manager and the last 5 years as project manager on product development projects.

During the above period, I have worked with idea development, concept development, product development, system integration, qualification testing and product launch.

I use my creative abilities to find solutions and methods to systematize and organize implementation for the realization of an idea. In my daily work I collaborate with people with various backgrounds, I am constantly aware of creating the most optimal conditions and framework for the employees I have in my teams.

My profile

I have broad technical experience that enables me to understand and identify different solutions to a problem.

Over time, I have collaborated with people with many different backgrounds, where communication and understanding of contexts and needs are crucial to success.

I am passionate about getting people-to-people collaboration to go up into a higher entity, with me as the catalyst. That is why I find it very important to develop my personal skills. You only understand others and bring out the best in others when you are able to understand yourself.

This is a journey that lasts the rest of your life, if you dare to be open and have the will to do so.

I participate in various professional and personal networks and mastermind groups, where the purpose is sparring, counseling and knowledge sharing. I also use a personal coach to develop my personal and professional skills in management.

I therefore have a broad professional and personal network, which I can draw on in different contexts.