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What can I help with?

I am a seasoned professional in what started as Direct Marketing, which today is part of CRM - Customer Relationship Management. I call it Customer-Driven Marketing, because now it is the customer who, by virtue of modern technology, decides the relationship with the company - which facilitates the dialogue on relevant platforms. In relevant channels. Off- and online.

My competencies can especially benefit Startup Central members further with:

  • Evaluation of plan for/previous marketing and plan for future with recommendation of the most appropriate/profitable course
  • Creation/qualification/relevant utilization of a customer and subject database as a basis for 1: 1 marketing
  • Creative development of dialogue concepts and dialogue text
  • General digitization of marketing

Contact me and let us clarify together how YOUR company utilizes this discipline most appropriately.

Draw on my experience/competencies so you avoid pitfalls ... prepare well to meet the challenges ... and earn the well-deserved success!

My profile

My professional background

30+ years of experience in developing profitable customer relationships and creative solutions:

  • Co-founder of Wunderman, the first Direct Marketing agency in Denmark
  • Independent consultant/consultant in DIRECTion Marketing
  • Copywriter with a focus on dialogue and response
  • Course manager and teacher at DM Skolen (DM School)
  • Board member of Dansk Markedsføring
  • Course leader and lecturer at the CRM Academy
  • Head of DM/CRM network in Dansk Markedsføring
  • Course manager and lecturer at Relationship Management
  • Teacher and supervisor in Relationship Marketing at the Mediehøjskolen
  • Teaches Customer Driven Marketing at the Danish Technological Institute
  • Head of the Network “Data-Driven Marketing”
  • Chairman of the Direct Marketing Board of Dansk Markedsføring

Competencies I have acquired that can benefit entrepreneurs, the self-employed and freelancers:


  • How to optimally integrate customer-driven relationship marketing into the marketing plan Creativity
  • How to develop the relevant concept and the text with the desired effect


  • How to market-orientate and further develop the customer/topic database

Project management

  • How to ensure proper execution of projects - from preparation to performance measurement Usability
  • How to optimize usability and interaction on the website/in social media Workshops
  • How to adapt and train the organization to new, customer-driven challenges

My general response time:

  • Answer a request/inquiry for help no later than the next day
  • Answers in the form of presentations depend on the nature of the case and assignments