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Make a plan for your company to create an overview. We share our business plan, which has been prepared in collaboration with 25 business angles.

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What is a business plan?

A business plan is a plan that descries parts of your business and how you plan to run it. It helps create an overview of your business. It is the complete plan you lay out to create success in your business. It forms the basis of your business.

There are different variations of the business plan, but the same for all of them is that it describes the product, target group, finances both income and expenses, as well as what the future is expected to look like.

The plan can be seen as a checklist before you start a business, so you remember it all. It can also be used for already established companies, for example when restructuring or taking up new business areas.

Why is a business plan important?

A business plan is important as you gain insight into and an overview of your business and its potential. You can compare it to your competitors, to see how you stand out and what makes you business unique, so you are most attractive.

A business plan makes you go from having an idea to having a business idea. It asks you all the relevant questions, this way you are more equipped to start and run your business. The various parameters of the plan make you think, plan and execute to a greater extent.

The business plan is important because you form the basis of ideas for your business. It is a tool to see where you are going and where you may need to change course, etc.

It is a tool that creates value on an ongoing basis. The plan can help to train new employees, as well as open a dialogue with banks and investors in relation to loans and investment, as the business plan describes the core value and the plan for your company. With the business plan in mind, decisions can be made based on the potential of your business.

A business plan includes:

There are several variants of a business plan, we have prepared a clear template that you can use freely, it has been prepared in collaboration with 25 business angles.

  • The goal of the business. Concretize the plan of your goals in the foreseeable future.
  • Team and resources in the business. Explain roles, responsibilities, essential tools and what internal and external resources you have available.
  • Product /service description in the business. Describe your solution, how it works, what it does, what the requirements are for it and how it is made ready for sale.
  • Market analysis in the business. Create an overview of who the customer is, where they can be founded and their general needs as you compare your business with the competition.
  • Business finances. Decide how you want to make an income and where you are using your expenses.
  • Financing in the business. Plan how to raise funds to finance the company’s startup, operation, etc. (This is not necessary unless you are actively seeking investment).
  • Sales and marketing in the Describe the price of the product, how you have calculated the price, how you intend to reach your target group – both in the form of direct sales and marketing.
  • Legal needs in the business. Prepare if necessary ownership, company form, VAT, lawyer as contact person, etc.

The business plan is a flexible tool that changes as your business develops You can change some of the parameters at any time but be aware that changing one parameter affects the others. Since all parameters are connected through your business.

Our business plan

You can find many templates of business plans online, all of which are similar to each other and therefore are vague and less user-friendly.

We have made our business plan easy and clear with the understanding that not everyone has a background in finance, economics, law, etc.

We guide you through all the parameters of the business plan, so you are ready to run a business. If there are areas where you are in doubt, you are more than welcome to contact our coaches in the field.

Our business plan has been prepared in collaboration with 25 business angles, who have been asked the following questions:

  • “What points would be important for you to go through if you were to start again with the experience you have learned?”
  • “What points are important for the entrepreneur to consider if you are at investing?”

The questions have resulted in our business plan.


Our business plan

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