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As a member of Startup Central, you can collaborate with more than 40 partners. Here's a description of how to make the best use of this option.

As a member of Startup Central, you get the chance to make great use of collaborating with more than 40 different partners. These partners offer everything from accounting programs to legal aid. Of course, you can make use of all the partner collaborations that you find necessary for your business.

We have negotiated all the prices, so you either get a unique offer or a free trial period. It also means you do not have to spend time finding a business partner who can be trusted and then negotiate a good price. We've arranged it all for you.

If you are not a member yet, you can become one here:

Become a member

When you are a member, everything is prepared for you to successfully collaborate with a partner.

After logging in to your profile, click on the "Partners" icon, as marked in red in the image below. You will then be taken to our partner overview.

Startup Central partnerpage search in categories

You now have the option to filter the different partners, so you do not have to go through the entire list of partners. You either search the category or click to choose from the pre-selected drop-down list. Feel free to click on the one you seek. If you choose to search, we recommend using a single word. The partners who have expertise in the field will appear on the page. For example, see the image above, with the keyword "Webshop".

Once you have found the partner you want to collaborate with, click on it and the page on the image below will appear. This is an example of our partner DanDomain.

Example fo a partnerpage - this is dandomain

Now you will be able to read about the services of the partner and what’s the offer for you as a member of Startup Central.

The yellow box on the right says the following: "By using this offer, you also agree to be a member of Startup Central for the current period containing the offer." This means that if you choose to make use of the given offer, it is only valid as long as you are a member of Startup Central. If you unsubscribe from Startup Central, you will no longer be able to make use of the given offers. If you still want to collaborate with a partner, without being a member of Startup Central, you must pay the full price through that partner's own platform.

Click on "Use Partner" if this is the partner you want to collaborate with. A new window will open, and you will be redirected to the partner's landing page. Here you just have to follow the instructions given.

Once you have filled it all out, then you are good to go, and you can start the collaboration with the partner and use the offered services.

Keep in mind that you can make use of all the partners you find necessary to achieve your goals with your business.

If you have problems along the way, you are always welcome to contact us. Mail: or tel. 29290113

Good luck with your entrepreneurial endeavors – we are cheering for your success.