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Startup Central has gathered the benefits of being an entrepreneur and self-employed. Read the benefits of becoming your own boss here.

Are you walking around with a small dream of becoming an entrepreneur or self-employed, but you are in doubt whether it is the right thing for you? You hear so many prejudices about being self-employed, it tends to not always go well. On the other hand, you also hear a lot of good things about being self-employed. It's hard to figure out what's right for you. One must weigh the pros and cons. Maybe you just find it hard to overlook it all. Starting your own business and becoming self-employed can be a big mouthful for some, but don't let that stop your entrepreneurial dream.

Most common prejudices:

  • It is expensive to start independently
  • It's hard work
  • No stable income as self-employed
  • Do not know where to start
  • Missing the idea

The benefits can include:

  • You're your own boss
  • You decide over your working hours
  • You decide over your work effort
  • You decide the idea and the execution
  • Generally, you are dealing with what you love

Startup Central can quickly bury some of the prejudices of being self-employed. Since with a membership you get the opportunity to spar with experienced business coaches who can guide you from idea to its realization, you can ask all your questions, which means you get the best kick-off. In addition, we have made agreements with all the partners for when you become self-employed it is not expensive for you to start your business dream.

So, there are only prejudices, hard work and unstable income left. There is no doubt that it is hard work and there is always a risk when starting independently. But the question is whether the benefits outweigh the risks. We would like to think that they do. The hard work is only as hard as you make it out to be. As your own boss, you get to deal with what you love every single day. You do not consult with anyone, unless you choose to do so, allowing your creativity to flow. You have complete agency over your decisions. Bonus, you choose how much work you want to put into your business. There is no one nagging you over the expired deadlines or long working hours with no end in sight. You decide how much your business should grow and develop.

As your own boss, there will be a sea of opportunities for you, it just requires that you take the chance.


Take the chance today! Tomorrow you will regret that you did not do it earlier.

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