Security for all - in any trade | Startup Central
If you have a website or a webshop is it important, that your customers feel safe when trading on your website or webshop.

With a focus on consumer security, it is important for all industries to have the opportunity to signal secure e-commerce.

Just as it is extremely important for the consumer to feel safe and secure in any trade, it is also crucial for both websites and web shops to be able to appear with security and confidence towards their customers.

Both Danish consumers' search for web pages, and e-commerce in general are escalating in these years, therefore it is important that Danish web pages and not least e-commerce manage to increase consumer confidence.

Most online purchases go well, yet around 37% of all consumers who shop online experience problems with one or more of their purchases.

As a web shop owner, there are therefore several things you can focus on so that the consumer experiences that they shop on a safe and credible web page, an example of this could be real and specific consumer feedback.

Real and order-specific Consumer Feedback:

Consumers often enjoy seeing other customers' feedback and feedback before using a web shop or contacting a company via their web page.

With Tryghedsmærket, web-pages and web-shops get the opportunity to appear as a credible business, as in addition to the certification, they also get real and order-specific consumer feedback to appear in their widget on their web page.


It provides security and transparency when consumers can see the Safety Tag widget on their web page. At the same time, the consumer experiences real feedback and scoring from other customers, as feedback is real and well-informed on the basis of real purchases at the company in question.