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How to make use of our coaches. As a member, you have the opportunity to get unlimited 1: 1 sparring with more than 70 business coaches.

We have more than 70 skilled business coaches who volunteer their time to help the self-employed entrepreneurs solve their business challenges. All our coaches are ready to help you with your challenges. They all have the desire for you to have the greatest possible success with your company and for you to reach your goals as smoothly as possible.

All our coaches are chosen based on not only their mindset around helping others, but their substantial competencies. That's why we vouch for all our coaches. You can read more about what it takes to be a coach with us here.

Our coaches offer 1:1 sparring in all industries and aspects of developing and maintaining your business. Better to ask once too much than once too little. Your sparring is unlimited, so it's about asking questions, in an effort to find a solution to your challenge together. You should not be afraid to reach out to the "wrong" one, they will definitely guide you to the right one, otherwise you just contact one of the team members at Startup Central.

To make use of our coaches, you must be a member of Startup Central. The sign-up process is quick and easy. Once you are a member, you can make use of all our amazing coaches.

Become a member

Once you have logged in to your profile, click on the "Coaches" icon at the top of the page – you can see the icon indicated in red, in the image below. You will then be redirected to our coach overview list.

Coach page - search in categories.

If you have a question about finances, you can simply select the category "finances" and you will see a list of coaches with this expertise. See the image above. When you have decided which one makes sense for you to contact, just click on him/her.

Click on "Read more" to open a more detailed description of the individual coach and their competencies. By reading the description, you will get a better insight into which coach you should contact in order to solve your challenge. See the image below.

Example of a coach profile, see all what they can help with

Once you have decided which coach you wish to contact, click "Send message" and the left window at the below image will pop-up.

If you want to sent your businessplan to a coach, you can attach it.

It is time to choose what you want to correspond about. You can do that as shown on the right at the image above. We have prepared a business plan, approved by both investors and bank advisers, in collaboration with 25 business angles. As a member of Startup Central, you have the opportunity to complete your own business plan, you actually have the opportunity to complete multiple plans and have the freedom to go back and correct them as needed.

Once you have completed your business plan, you have the opportunity to send it directly to the chosen coach and attach a message to it. It is not a requirement that you attach your business plan or that the topic should be only about your business plan. Just begin the conversation about anything you wish without attaching any documents. Once you have composed your message, click "Send" and wait for a response from the coach. Answer time may vary, keep in mind that all coaches are volunteers and answer your questions in their spare time, without getting paid. Therefore, we ask for your patience.

You are more than welcome to write to more than one coach about the same question.

You will find all your messages to and from the coaches inside your message overview. See the image below.

Messager, here you can see all your messages with coaches.

Here you can go back in your conversations, to check for any good tips you have received from a coach, or you can start a new conversation with a coach you have already corresponded with.

If you have not corresponded with a coach before, you will not be able to find the coach here, you have to go back to “Coaches” and select one, as described earlier in the post.

You are always welcome to ask questions in the Startup Lounge, which is our exclusive network of like-minded self-employed people. The team behind Startup Central and our coaches are also active there. You can read more about Startup Lounge here or visit the network Startup Lounge here.

Much success for your entrepreneurial journey!