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It is a big decision to name the company. The name remains for a long time. The post helps you through the most important considerations.

It is a big decision to name the child. Or the business. We have to live with the election far into the future.

In this post, I help you through the most important considerations.

What is a good company name?

There is probably no bulletproof recipe for what makes a good company name. However, there are a few guards, you can go for if you are completely on the bare bottom.

Imagine if your company name told the whole story: Who does what for who and why. Easy! But rarely realistic (or a good idea) to mash it all into the name.

The company Green Frog has gone with a name that provides associations with nature and wildlife, but not immediately reveal that they sell garden machines.

When you let go of the idea that your name and logo should "say it all", there will be room for the creative ideas. Choose an angle and go with it. For example, you can choose:

  • A name like you know will appeal to your target audience (Example: Salad Søsen)
  • A nonsense name, ie A word you find yourself that sounds good (Example: Saxo)
  • A compound name, eg a new composition of two well -known words (Example: Dialog Designer)
  • A name that is easy to illustrate (that has Apple made it easy for themselves)

You can also go with current trends if you have the courage. Right now I see more names with double vocals, such as Miinto. Or names with lack of vocals, such as Lead Famly. You can consider whether it is great for the target audience with something different. Then it might be worth betting on.

Create space for scaling

The most obvious is often a name that simply tells what you offer. Like the scoring, for example.

But if you want to create space for your business to develop, it may be a good idea to go with a name that is not too narrow. So you do not fall in the same trap as, for example, Tæppeland, which now also sells hardwood floors. Or bicycle partner that has expanded with sportswear and outdoor equipment.

Although you may start in Denmark, you may want to scale abroad at some point. If you are very specialized, it may well be the best way to go. Then you can advantageously from the beginning consider an English company name. Or at least avoid æ, Ø and å. Buy possibly Various foreign domains immediately so you are secured.

Can I use my own name as a company name?

Yes, you can use your own name as a company name. Unless you're called Georg Jensen, it probably won't go.

There are a few things you can be aware of if you want to use your own name.

If you are a new entrepreneur, it can be difficult for your potential customers to see what your business offers if they only see your name. On the other hand, your name signals that there is a real person behind the company. It gives personality to your project.

The best solution is perhaps a combination. We can take Rudolph Care as an example. A skincare series by Andrea Rudolph, where the products clearly bear the mark of the personal life story that Andrea brings with.

It probably works best when your product is personal to some extent.

Checklist for your company name

If you have jumped all over the mole white and the country directly on the checklist, then you are forgiven. Maybe you already have the good idea and just need to keep it up against a quick checklist. You get it here.

Is your company name:

  • Easy to see
  • Easy to hear
  • Easy to spell
  • Easy to pronounce
  • Easy to remember

Such. I know you can't spend months finding company name. But just slept on it. If it's still a good idea tomorrow, then run with it.


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