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A certification from Tryghedsmærket for your webshop will signal credibility and a safe and secrue place to trade.

A Safety-labeled certification of the webshop means that the company signals real credibility and a safe and secure place to shop.

As an owner of a new web shop, there are several things that are good to focus on so that your customers experience that they shop at a safe and secure web shop.

A Security-labeled certification of your web shop means that your company appears with a "blue stamp" and a status that signals real credibility, and a safe and secure place to shop.

With a focus on consumer security, it is important for all types of web shops - large and small & new and old, - to have the opportunity to signal secure e-commerce.

Just as it is extremely important for the consumer to feel safe and secure in any e-commerce, it is also crucial for web shops to be able to appear with security and confidence towards your customers who shop in the web shop.

The following good advice, together with the web shop's focus on good service and unique products, will contribute to safe and satisfied customers - which is the basis for the web shop's increased e-commerce.

The web shop's trading and delivery conditions:

It is crucial that the web shop on its web page has visible trading and delivery conditions that are described in detail - and live up to current legislation.

The trademark of the safety mark is lawyer-approved and can be used when you are certified.

At a Tryghedsmærket certified web-shops, the withdrawal period is in most cases 30 days, even though the legislation refers to 14 days when shopping in online shops.


All relevant information on the web shop must appear on your web page:

CVR number, company name, address, email and possibly telephone number. As well as GDPR & Cookie policy.

All texts must appear clearly and with a correct Danish language - so that your customer has no doubt that they are shopping at a Danish web shop.


In order for the consumer to experience the best result in a safe and secure e-commerce, it will be a good idea for the webshop to be certified. When a web shop is certified by Tryghedsmærket, the web shop has undergone a verification and validation of owner information. This is the consumer's guarantee that they are shopping at a real and credible web shop.


Feedback and real feedback from the web shop's customers on the basis of current purchases is extremely good information that the web shop's new customers can benefit from.

At the same time, customer feedback is valuable data that the web shop can use for internal optimization and external credibility.

Complaints guide

Upon receipt of a complaint, the web shop is obliged to inform and refer to possible complaint bodies. You can refer to the Danish Competition & Consumer Authority, the Board of Trustees or the Security Mark.

The security mark may be responsible for the first part of a complaint procedure.

If the consumer resides outside Denmark, please refer to the EU Commission's complaints portal.

When submitting a complaint, the consumer must be directed to state the web shop's email address.