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Stick to your area of ​​expertise is my friendly advice and good tips for all of you who run a web or marketing agency.

I have to be honest, it is rare that I produce content that is not directly profitable for me, I am one of many in the world who live on passive income online, through affiliate marketing and similar sources of income.

However, I have recently decided that I want to service other companies again and I have therefore started using my company Fonvig Group to offer SEO services again in Denmark and Norway respectively, since as a Dane abroad in Norway, I have relations with both the Danish and Norwegian market.

I have previously run my company, Fonvig Group, as a service company, offering SEO services and the like to mainly Danish companies, and I have therefore re-entered the market very quickly.

In my time as an SEO consultant, I have experienced a specific thing happen again and again, and that is what I want to talk about in this guest post. I am not only an SEO expert, but also a coach here on the Startup Central platform and if you are facing any SEO or market research challenges, contact me today and I will be happy to help you further.

Stick to your area of ​​expertise

Stick to your area of ​​expertise is my friendly advice and good tips for all of you who run a web or marketing agency. Especially when it comes to SEO, as this is the area I see being "abused" the most.

SEO (search engine optimization) is a hardcore marketing strategy and something few people master and understand.

One of the reasons why many do not master or fully understand SEO, and therefore cannot troubleshoot and improve is that many elements, especially within technical SEO, are incorporated into the system in which we build websites today.

Eg. if you create a website in WordPress and install the Rank Math SEO or Yoast SEO plugin, then you have skipped a lot of SEO elements that are automatically done for you, this is of course incredibly smart, but it also means that you never comes to learn or understand the technique, mechanics or effect thereof.

Some of the elements that WordPress and a good SEO plugin can help with are, for example:

  • Structured data
  • XML ​​sitemap
  • Robots.txt
  • Redirections

If we take care of the first, namely structured data, then there are many, including SEOs, who have never worked with this, since the standard data generated by WordPress and an SEO plugin is often enough, but if you want to achieve the very best results for extended search results on Google, or need to enter more specific markets such as recipes, webshops and the like, then you actually have to start creating systems or codes for structured data yourself to achieve these results.

As an SEO expert, I and others know how, why and when, for example, structured data should be used. Those who work with web development or social media marketing just don't.

Why stick to your area of ​​expertise

You must not absolutely stick to your area of ​​expertise, but if you choose to move outside and you think, for example, that your web agency can also advertise SEO services when you build websites, then be open and honest with your customers – in writing – about what it's in can and can't.

Since I started my SEO services again, I have had countless SEO clients who come from a web or marketing agency where their area of ​​expertise has been anything but SEO, yet SEO has been part of their services.

When I then got/took over these customers, the websites were full of errors, shortcomings and, not least, they were badly advised.

Of course, I inform my customers about this, as my customers need to know what they are paying me to improve and do.

In doing so, I bring many previous web and marketing agencies into a bad light, as I question their competence because I have to defend my hours and invoicing.

So even if you can earn a few thousand here and there, or it sounds good to be able to deliver an "SEO optimized website", think carefully, because it can and often will damage your company's reputation.

I also want to say that I am in no way out to destroy other people's business, on the contrary, I sit almost every day, actively on Facebook and helping others in various SEO and marketing groups, as I sincerely want to help others achieve success online.

This article is written as well to help others by dissuading them from offering too much and thus ruining their own brand.

This does not just apply to SEO

Of course, my friendly advice does not only apply to SEO, but it is now once again the industry I primarily work in. However, I also have concrete knowledge from my collaboration partners such as Fontex and IT-Connect, that in the web development industry gold and green forests are promised, what the applies to web security, but many still experience that one day the accident happens and the company ends up being hacked anyway and in the worst case without a backup of the website.

There are probably hundreds of examples of this, but as I said, I speak to the web and marketing agencies that offer SEO services, as it is these that I most often have to "grill" for bad advice and delivery of services.

Openness and honesty is the way to success

I am not a big talker, nor am I a lifestyle coach, but with more than 10 years in the industry, I know a little about the digital world and through openness and honesty with your customers, you can easily go outside your area of ​​expertise and, for example, offer "SEO optimized website" or general SEO services, but do so with openness and honesty about where your skills are and what you actually sell them for.