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Customer service is really important when talking about business. That is why we have gathered all the blogs we have about customer service in one blog.

Customer service is really important when you are a business owner. If the customer service is bad, it can result in potential customers not wanting to shop with you, and it doesn't matter how good a product you have. So customer service has a lot to say.

Good customer service can help minimize a problem and help save customers who might consider not doing business with you again.

Customer service is not just you talking to the customer, either over the phone, a chatbot, email or the like. Customer service is also seen in the form of your website, for example FAQ.

When we talk about customer service, it is important that you understand what the customer says and constantly try to solve the problem, often it pays off to go the extra mile for a customer. But of course you shouldn't lie down flat, there must be limits to the madness, it's about finding a balance and feeling the situation.


The blog Are you investing enough in customer service paints a picture for then based on the fictional person Mads who ends up in problems with his company because of customer service. The problem is that he is so busy that he cannot manage to provide good customer service. The blog thus touches on the importance of customer service and taking the time to do so. Because without customers there is no business.


In the blog 5 tips and tricks for fantastic customer service, you can read about ways you can make your customer service even better for your customers, so that they get the best customer experience and come back again. It is basically about making it as easy and intuitive for your customers to move around your website. And of course it must be easy to get in touch with you if questions arise that your website does not answer.