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Would you like to create a valuable network - which also generates good leads? Without having to grasp the bone? The way is LinkedIn
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Would you like to create a valuable network - which also generates good leads? Completely without you having to pick up the phone?

When I started as an entrepreneur two years ago, I was not very happy about having to create a cold canvas to get the first customers. But since day 1 I have (thankfully) been fully booked. And I'll give you part of the recipe in this article.

I've always had a bit of a secret crush on LinkedIn. I have to admit, being the SoMe geek that I am, I think it's a great media. Because it's about relationships. Inspiration. Professional knowledge.

I was active on LinkedIn before I became an entrepreneur. And I networked with those I networked with on LinkedIn before I became an entrepreneur. This meant that when I went out with the news that I had jumping into independent life, quite a few clients came from my LinkedIn network. It was overwhelming to be recommended by someone I only knew from LinkedIn. Like that in a really good way. And for the past two years, I have stuck to being active on LinkedIn, because it gives so much in return.

Your personal profile vs. company profile

Depending on the size of your company, you should consider whether it makes sense to have a company profile. The personal profiles can move WAY more. Because the algorithm pushes people's posts further out. That is why I myself have chosen to have a company profile so that people can see that it is a professional company, but I do not use it. On my company profile, I link to my personal profile, because that's where it really moves. But it is a matter of judgment. For example, we have one at the other company I am part of, because it makes sense there. But this article is based on the personal profile. So: Let's get to it!

  1. Update your profile
    Many people do not update their personal profile and it is important for people to know what you are doing. I myself focus on three areas within communication and that is what I help my clients with. Primarily. It is easy for people to remember if you focus on three things, and it will therefore be easier for your network to recommend you to others.

    So update your profile. Fill in previous experience and projects. Write a good profile text, which is not too long, but which shows who YOU ​​are. Highlight some of your past achievements. How have you helped past/current clients? Remember that the text must be recipient-oriented: What can you do for the person reading along?
  2. Find the right tagline
    The tagline is the line just below your name. It can be seen when you search for your name and therefore it is extremely important that you understand exactly what you do by reading it. Some choose a phrase, some choose keywords.

    For example, a phrase could be: "helps you create effective, measurable and authentic influencer campaigns" or if you go for keywords: "Influencer Marketing, LinkedIn, Copywriting". It is a preference whether you are more into one or the other. This is also where you have the opportunity to write something different that makes you stand out from the crowd.
  3. Get a good, professional picture taken
    This point is unfortunately underestimated by many. And that's a shame. A good quality picture is priceless if you ask me. A good photographer can help you bring out the best in yourself and can help you with what you want to radiate. For example, it was important for me not to look too young when I started out. It's less of a problem now 😉

    The right picture makes so much difference.
  4. Network - invite for coffee
    In my opinion, LinkedIn is the opposite of, for example, Facebook. I enjoy finding interesting profiles that I can be inspired by and look up to - and then connect with them. To expand my network with more competent and exciting people.

    Networking is incredibly important. That's why I make a lot of use of this part on LinkedIn. And I both say yes to coffee appointments and invite myself for coffee. Experienced, students, recent graduates. Everyone can invite in and be a good network for you. At a coffee meeting, you can both find out how you can help each other in the best way. But of course also just getting to know each other better for the day when you suddenly need each other. Pay it forward.
  5. Be active on other people's posts
    When you have your own profile under control and you start expanding your network on LinkedIn, you are ready to be active on other people's posts. It can be someone you are in a network with, but also people you are not in a network with... yet! Being active on other people's posts is often relationship-building. Because some of the posts will end up being from the same people. I have gained some good relationships that way, because we have continued the conversation in the inbox - or at a coffee meeting.

    You also make yourself noticed by commenting on other people's posts - especially if you have the opportunity to offer your expertise, it can prove to be extra valuable. But you can also go a long way simply by cheering and supporting others.
  6. Make your own posts
    Many people think that making your own posts is overstepping the mark. Therefore, the vast majority of LinkedIn users are watching from the sidelines. And therefore there is also much to be gained for you if you dare to offer your expertise and observations. The algorithm on LinkedIn is generous and you can reach far with an organic post. So I think you should take the chance. The worst that can happen is that no one sees it – and yes…. then no one has seen it 😉

    What do you write about? Yes, what interests you? Do you have any professional insights to share? What is your customer's "pain" - and what are your observations in this regard? Tips and tricks. Your own personal development. There are many options. But remember the professional angle.

    Then it's just a matter of practicing. I have approx. 2,300 connections. My posts jump from 800 views to 70,000 views on my most viewed post.

    And just a tip… it's almost never a good idea to share a post that someone else wrote. Write your own post and refer to the post you are talking about. So you reach much further.
  7. Repeat 😉
    In a busy everyday life, it is difficult to stick to being active on LinkedIn, but it is important to stick to it. You don't need to post several times a week and write long comments several times a day.
    Some months I have two or three posts in a month, and others I don't even have one. But as a starting point, it is good to have at least one posting per month and of course preferably more. But let's face it. There are many other things that must also be taken care of 😊 It's better to have a realistic goal that you stick to than one that is too ambitious and becomes unmanageable.

However, focus on being a little active in terms of commenting and liking every day - or every other 😉

I hope that you can use it for something and that you will get started with LinkedIn really well. You are welcome to connect 😊


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