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The guide to getting started with your webshop quickly. It doesn't have to be difficult, so we've made it easy with a webshop at Dandomain.

Do you need a webshop and do you need good advice in the operation of a webshop?

Then Dandomain is just the place for you!

Dandomain is one of the country's largest webshop providers with +6,000 customers. We are therefore experienced in our field and know what we are talking about when we guide our customers.

We've created a guide so you can get started with your webshop quickly. It doesn't have to be difficult and that's why we've made it easy with a webshop at Dandomain.

Follow the 5 Steps below! Then you get off to a good start and are one step closer to success with your business.

  • Step 1 - Create your webshop

First of all, you must have created a webshop. No matter if you want to sell B2C or B2B, you are in safe hands with us. Dandomain's webshop system is one of the country's most popular platforms and contains all the features and apps that you need.

We offer free start -up courses for you if you need a helping hand to get off to a good start with the Dandomain webshop solution. At present, our courses are held online.

See the current courses here.

If you have a membership at Startup Central, you can get a webshop pack at Dandomain for DKK 1. Registration.

This webshop package contains:

  • Free Onpay Payment Solution (Read Step 4)
  • Free, Danish Support
  • Useful features including Discount codes, gift cards and marketing on Google, etc.
  • 1 Language layer
  • Access to online auxiliary universe with over 100 help items

If you need more features, you can easily and quickly get a larger package. We offer 4 webshoppers of different sizes and at different prices.
See our prices and webshop packages here.

If you need sparring to find the right solution for you, please feel free to write or call us.


  • Step 2 - Design your webshop

The next step is to design your webshop. At Dandomain we have stacks of design templates where you can choose exactly the design that suits your business. Based on these templates, you can customize the design with your own logo and colors as well as other adjustments so that your webshop gets a personal look.

Here you can freely choose from 22 great designs that are all free. If you are looking for a design that is a little more special, we also have 12 Premium Designs.

If you are looking for a design that is unique and out of the ordinary, then in Dandomain we have a large network of design partners ready to help you. See all our partners here!

No matter what design you choose, they are all responsive. This means that our designs look great on all devices no matter if you are on your mobile, tablet, PC or a fourth device.

We have collected some success stories from other business owners who have a webshop with us. Use them to get inspiration for your own webshop.


  • Step 3 - add your products

Once you have designed your webshop, you are ready to add your products to your webshop.

In fact, you can get started already by creating a demo. It's free and 100 % non -binding! With a demo you can create your products, give them title, price and image. Soon you can see your webshop take shape. Create your free demo here

Need help with how to specifically create products in your Dandomain webshop?

Then read this auxiliary article from our auxiliary universe.

If you do not yet know what you would like to sell, read more here and learn more about what you can sell in your webshop.


  • Step 4 - Get Payment System & Redemption Agreement

Your products are now sharp on your webshop, but for your customers to buy and pay for your products, you must be able to receive credit cards such as Visa and Dankort. Therefore, you need a payment system before you are ready to sell.

As mentioned earlier, you get free OnPay payment system in your start-up webshop pack. Onpay is owned by Dandomain and is a safe system where you can establish card payment in a cheap and simple way.

In addition to a payment system, you also need a redemption agreement. In order for you to utilize your onpay, you need a redemption agreement with one of the 4 partners Dandomain has in the field. Choose a redeemer and read more here.

Payment system and redemption agreement can be difficult to understand. If you need help with the setup, read this help article or call us!


  • Step 5 - Get Freight Agreement

The next step is shipping and delivery, which is an important part of the sales process. Before you can get your products out to customers, you need an appointment with one or more shipping companies. In Denmark, the most common PostNord, GLS, Coolrunner, DAO, Bring and others are.

We recommend a shipping agreement where your customers have the opportunity to choose from multiple package solutions. It can be an advantage for your customers to choose which parcel shop their product should be delivered to. In addition, some customers prefer to pay extra for fast delivery, which can also be a relevant feature to have in your package solution.

You can also consider whether you want to use dropshipping. Here your products are packed and sent directly from the supplier and to the customer, which can provide both special benefits, but also disadvantages. Read more about dropshipping here.

Your benefits at Dandomain

Dandomain offers one of the leading webshop systems in Denmark. Dandomain's webshop solution provides a platform where you don't have to worry about security and updates. Let's take care of the technique so you can spend your time running your business and getting customers in the store.

With a webshop at Dandomain you can freely use our support department. Here, our experts are ready to help you with the questions of the world that you have. All days of the week, year round our support is available to you both by mail and phone.

In addition to support, Dandomain has more than 40 different partners you can access. Here you can get help, great tips and guidance with it all. From design to SEO and everything in between.

With a webshop at Dandomain, you have over 100 apps and modules available that you can freely choose from to improve and develop your webshop. With a webshop with us, most of them are free for you to use.

Dandomain has a large online auxiliary universe. Here you can find guidance and guides for setting up and operating your webshop.

All year round we have ongoing courses and events that you can attend for free. Introduce you for e-commerce, review essential features of the shop and tell you about the latest trends and trends.

If you want more tips and tips, read this 12-step guide that extensively reviews how to start your own webshop.

And if you get tired of reading, watch or listen to the Webshop Podcast, which is a Danish podcast canal that goes in depth with, among other things. E-commerce and marketing. Here you can hear great tips and tricks for your webshop.

If you need a helping hand to get started, then our support is available all days of the week - year round.

Call us on tel. 88 77 90 45 All weekdays between 7 p.m. 08.00-16.00

Or send us an e-mail at support@dandomain.dk


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