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Startup Central is an online network of entrepreneurs and self-employed, which has existed since February 2018. We are located in Horsens but help entrepreneurs throughout all of Denmark! We help both entrepreneurs with pre-existing companies and those considering starting a company but not knowing where to start.

Since 2018, we have helped more than 7.500 entrepreneurs and self-employed towards success, and we are ready to help you on your journey to success as well.

Helping you achieve your professional goals is our passion. We strive to go the extra mile to cross the finish line with your goals! At Startup Central we care for our members’ interests and make it manageable to be an entrepreneur and self-employed through an online network where everything is gathered in one place – the ambition is to be a one-stop-shop.

We wish to play an active role in business by being your starting point as entrepreneur and self-employed, and we do this by securing the best terms from idea to execution. Our vision is to create more companies in Denmark – and through this more workplaces to strengthen society further.

3 reasons to be a part of Startup Central

  1. It is smart
    It can be hard to sit with an idea that you cannot quite figure out how to get going with – or to sit with a company that does not create the results you want.
    As part of our online network, we provide you with the help you need to reach your goals and create results.
  2. You save money
    Let us be honest – being an entrepreneur is expensive! There are many necessary expenses when starting and maintaining a company. The expenses are big, which is why we ensure that you as a member get discounts on a long line of services and programs so you can spend the extra money on all the fun things!
  3. It is cheap to be a part of our online network!
    A membership with Startup Central costs about the same as three pints at the local pub – it just lasts a little longer!
    For 149 kr. per month, you get access to our giant benefits forum entailing coaching, networking, knowledge sharing, big discounts on many different external services, and many more things!
    Become an entrepreneur today.

You can read more about why you should be part of Startup Central here.

Are you unsure whether you should realize your dream of entrepreneurship – read the reasons here.

Startup Central’s story

Startup Central was founded by Anders Fogh, who is currently the CEO. His drive behind starting Startup Central came from sitting at home with a friend, smelling the awful smell coming from the nail technicians doing nails. Therefore, they decided to create a table with ventilation to get rid of this smell. Unfortunately, however, there were no places to get help for their business idea.

Anders noticed that there was a lack of one collected place for entrepreneurs to find all the help and knowledge needed when starting a company or already having an established one.

After months of research, Anders had to recognize that many people like himself have tried to find a forum for entrepreneurs and self-employed, but no one had succeeded – which became the start of what is today known as Startup Central. Since then, the team has grown to become a ministry of entrepreneurs with a fantastic team.

However, there can be a long way between a good idea to the actual start of a company, which is something many entrepreneurs and self-employed have experienced. Read the whole story here.

Our core values

Our vision

Entrepreneurship is for everyone with a dream. Only it needs to be easier, cheaper and more inclusive to live it out.

Our mission

We want to be the gathering point for entrepreneurs and self-employed. One place where all knowledge about being an entrepreneur and self-employed can be found. We want to be a necessity in the Danish business environment.

Our values

Success for you, success for us – we thrive as a community through transparent communication.

Our culture

We have a big passion for entrepreneurship. For us, entrepreneurship is all about innovation; pushing boundaries and experimenting with the known to create something new. All of this in the hopes of being able to inspire more people to start their own company.

Therefore, we value creative, brave and committed co-workers who want to strengthen the entrepreneurial environment. Therefore, we have the most engaged co-workers – see the team here.

Our promise

We listen to you entrepreneurs and work hard every day to make the entrepreneurial environment even better. We do this by focusing on issues, thereby creating better conditions. We make it easier and more manageable to become an entrepreneur and run a business. We do this by making the necessary tools available to you. So together we can create a successful business.

Do you want to read more about our vision, mission, values and culture, read here.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The value of society in entrepreneurship

In Startup Central we work for better terms for entrepreneurs and the self-employed.

We believe that we make an active effort by helping entrepreneurs live out their entrepreneurial dreams. We contribute to them becoming profitable, hiring and therefore contributing even more to our welfare society.

We focus on these 3 global goals.

  1. Gender equality
  2. Decent work and economic growth
  3. Responsible consumption and production

Read more about our CSR here.

Our business model

From idea to reality – we work with the same business model we offer our members. The whole process from idea to reality is incorporated in Startup Centrals business model. To make your idea into a reality, it is necessary to create a business plan – but how is this done in the best way possible, especially with investor meetings in mind?

At Startup Central, we know it can be difficult to keep an overview and to navigate all the processes involved in starting a business. Therefore, our goal is to help you all the way from idea to reality.

As part of Startup Central’s network, you get, among other things, a thorough model of a business plan created in collaboration with business angles; the model creates the foundation for your business idea.

We share knowledge and experience, which creates growth

Guidance and sparring mean a lot to entrepreneurs and self-employed, which is why this makes up our product in the business plan. Being able to spar with business professionals about their experiences, and through this avoiding making mistakes, is essential to become successful with a newly started or an established business.

Sparring and counselling is the reason for Startup Central’s existence, and it helped us get off to a good start!

Therefore, our ambition is to give all members at Startup Central the same options to achieve success. As member, you get access to offers within e.g. accounting and insurance, as well as access to our unique coaches that are currently counting over 75 coaches, who are ready to help with guidance and sparring within more than 50 branches.

As Startup Central grew bigger, we noticed a growing need for a network among our members. An online network where members could spar with each other. This is why we started the exclusive online network, Startup Lounge Facebook, we have moved our online network to our own platform to make it smarter and easier, access it here, Startup Lounge.

We believe that we can create a stronger business community for entrepreneurs and self-employed in Denmark if we work together and help each other with networks and the sharing of knowledge. We believe that we can lighten the economic load and grow our businesses if we stand together!

Therefore, it is free to downloade our app Startyp Central Lounge and get access to our network, that way you can sparring on everything you need.

Beneficial prices with our partners

A parameter which is important in the business plan is the budget. In the beginning of Startup Central, we experienced that all the necessary services for entrepreneurs and self-employed are expensive, such as: accounting program, insurance, website, and many other things. Aside from this, we spent a lot of time on finding the different necessities – which made the process unmanageable.

Therefore, we often negotiate the prices for all the necessary services for our members who get beneficial prices through us on a large selection of partners. It is all gathered in one place, so there is no unnecessary waste of time.

Newly created companies often have a tight budget, which is why it is our goal to ensure that you as an entrepreneur and self-employed can get the most beneficial prices on these services – it can turn into a lot of money in the long end, which you can spend on things that are much more fun for your company!

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