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Your entrepreneurial journey has just become easier

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Partner discounts

Save money on insurance, fuel card, accounting program etc.

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Learn from other entrepreneurs. Make opportunities happen.

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Sparring 1:1 with professionals. Legal, economic, sales etc.

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has +70 regular sparring partners to draw on.

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has entrepreneurial support at hand.

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has unlimited 1:1 sparring with our coaches.

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gets help finding the right solutions.

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has a solid, friendly and trustworthy network.

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have access to a giant knowledge bank.

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gets help with finance, marketing, law, sales, etc.

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gets access to +45 cash benefits.

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is dependent on random sparring partners.

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have no one but themselves to lean on.

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gets limited 1:1 sparring, and is most often paid.

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must spend time and effort finding solutions.

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does not have a fixed network to draw on.

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have limited access to knowledge banks.

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do not get the right help for the tough questions.

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pay full price for everything they spend.

You'll never guess how little it costs!

The difference between you and our members

Our members get great value from their membership, they get all the tools to be able to scale their business bigger, faster and more efficiently. Their membership is not an extra expense, but a necessary investment.

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Our members

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The solution

1 month


A monthly subscription, with a large financial overview, and a price everyone can pay.

Current month plus one month

3 months


A 3-month subscription that gives a 10 % discount, and reduce the administrative work by 4 vouchers a year.

Re-subscribed automatically 30 days before the expiration date

1 year


A 12-month subscription that gives a 20 % discount and reduces the administrative work by one voucher per year.

Re-subscribed automatically 30 days before the expiration date.

* Prices are indicative and exclusive of VAT. We reserve the right to make errors and technical errors on the site.

This is what our members say about us ...

Our members are not just a number, they are unique, fantastic entrepreneurs who make a difference every day for their like-minded entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial community in Denmark. We applaud their success.

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Do like +7.000 other entrepreneurs

Overall, our members have:

Created over 500 business plans

Raised over 10 mil. DKK in investments and grants

Gotten hundreds of business bank accounts

Saved several million DKK in operational cost.

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